Recruitment Day 2022

Interested in becoming a volunteer fire department member? Join us at the firehouse, 10 Hoffman Street, Chatham on Saturday, April 23, 2022 from 10:00 am through 3:00 pm to learn more about how you can serve your community!

We are all volunteers serving to protect our friends and neighbors. Our only pay is pride. But we are always in need of volunteers to replace normal attrition. Download our application form and email to [email protected].

We come from all walks of life

Our makeup is blue collar, white collar, lawyers, accountants and other professionals, law enforcement, information technology, businesswomen/men, medical and educational personnel, students, retirees, state/county/village employees, etc. Some of us were born and grew up around here, some are recent arrivals.

Not every firefighter is trained to go into a burning building

Some remain outside, helping with hoses, ladders and hydrants in support of the interior crew. Others are responsible for scene and traffic control, keeping firefighters and bystanders safe. Still others act as drivers or help with fundraising, in the kitchen, equipment maintenance, etc. There are jobs for everyone. And because we do not have fixed shifts (instead, we rely on pagers to alert us to an alarm) the time you spend as a Chatham firefighter depends entirely on your individual schedule and needs.