2024 Installation Banquet

The Chatham Fire Department hosted it’s Annual Installation Banquet on Saturday, April 6, 2024. Congratulations to all award winners and elected officers!

Line Officers: Chief Paul Rideout; Assistant Chief Eric Barnes; 2nd Assistant Chief Andy Silver; Ocean Captain Chris Tuthill; SW Smith Captain Dan Herrick; 1st LT Ocean Alex Tuthill; 1st LT SW Smith Ian Weaver; 2nd LT Ocean Tyler Tuthill; and 2nd LT SW Smith Chris Liberati-Conant.

Ocean Fire Company #1 Officers: President Bob Dallas; Vice President Paul Pratt; Secretary/Financial Secretary James Garvey; and Treasurer Michael Blasl.

SW Smith Hook & Ladder Officers: President Patrick Wemitt; Vice President David Chapman; Treasurer David Silliman; Secretary Ted Chute; and Financial Secretary Katrina Rideout.

Ladies Auxiliary to CFD Officers: President Peggy Tuthill; Vice President Patricia Lucas; 2nd Vice President Katrina Rideout; Scretary Cathy Akin; Financial Secretary Mary Sheline; and Treasurer Lori McDermott.

Thank you for 25 years of service: Larry Domkoski, Maryann Laspada, Patricia Lucas, and Linda Pratt.

Thank you for 50 years of service: John Howe, Mark Huvar and Terri Silliman.

Thank you for 60+ years of service: Dave Chapman & Don Tubbs. OUTSTANDING!